viernes, septiembre 26, 2008

Hug a Vegetarian Day

Hoy es el Día Internacional de Abrazar al Vegetariano, así es que acuda con su vegetariano más cercano y abrácelo, que somos relindos.

A mi familia, Telepedro, Fabián, Michelle, Janis, Carlos Fabián y a un montón de celebridades que adoro, que hoy los abracen mucho, he dicho!

miércoles, septiembre 24, 2008

Mi problema es que me da miedo la vida.

domingo, septiembre 21, 2008

Hardcore superstar by far

(Gilda, no leas esto)
The only thing I can say, is that this has been my favorite Tegan and Sara show ever, and of course one of the most happy moments in my whole life. The setlist was awesome, so quickly and unexpected, I sang like as if there were no tomorrow.
If you need more, wait I´ll tell you.
Like one hour later, there was a bunch of girls getting closer and closer to a metal fence. And as soon as I got near enough to see what was going on, I don't know how, but like an insanely fan I sneaked into backstage, and there she was!!!

So I called her -Sara, Sara, Sara, please smile to me-. And she did it!!!!, but my annoying camara sucked and didn't want to take the picture, and I begged -please, please, just a second keep smiling- And she kept smiling like 10 more seconds.
Finally I told her -Thank you so much, I love you- (I know, so embarrasing, but I swear it came from the bottom of my heart), she smile again and said something that I can't remember. Then Tegan arrived but the guard kicked me out. Both girls are so little and skinny, like cute small dolls, absolutely adorable.

Dear Sara, I'll promise never let you see me acting like an idiot again, but what can I say, I love you.

viernes, septiembre 19, 2008


They are sweet, and pretty, and sexy, and talented, and became 28 today.

Happy Birthday to my adorable future wife (hey I can dream)
and her super hot twin sister

jueves, septiembre 18, 2008


Solía ser hipocondriaca, eso terminó cuando empecé a tener enfermedades reales, o tal vez me volví tan buena con la mente que los síntomas se transformaron en padecimientos.
Sweetie, miren quien trata de revivir sus wonder years.